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     A Message for Parents


As we all move forward through the current pandemic, we hope everyone is safe and healthy. With changes in your children's school plan (virtual or on site) it may change the status of your child's Youth Apprenticeship.

Please read below for more details.

Please know that we are available as a resource and a sounding board for you and your family. We are in this together.



John Higgins & John Duba

To all our Youth Apprenticeship students and parents, 

The Ozaukee Youth Apprenticeship board leadership understands this is a difficult time for everyone and we want to make clear for all that the health of our Youth Apprentice students and families is of the utmost importance to all of us. 

We want to be very clear that the final decision for a student to continue working is up to their parents.  Please contact your employer and John Higgins (262) 268-6074 or John Duba (414) 617-7854 if there is a change or suspension of your work schedule. We want everyone to be safe and we are here to support you.

We will continue to provide information as we receive it by posting updated information on our website as well as sending you updates to your email.  For well-informed updates on Covid-19 here are three websites you can consult:   



Many of you have asked and are concerned about completing your work hours and/or requirements for the YA program. The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Youth Apprenticeship office staff informed us that they are discussing the requirements for YA program completion in light of the changing health concerns and the ability for students to complete their apprenticeships. Part of that discussion involves possibly adjusting requirements. We will keep you informed of changes.

What Youth Apprenticeship offers 

The one and two-year apprenticeships prepare students for a number of post-secondary options:

  • Entering the workforce directly from high school

  • Entering a registered apprenticeship 

  • Enrolling in a technical college or a university in an occupationally
    related degree program. 

Each student works in partnership with an employer-identified mentor, specialized classroom instructor and high school apprenticeship coordinator to receive the best skills and knowledge possible.

The apprenticeship requires that students work a minimum of 450 hours to complete a one-year apprenticeship and 900 hours to complete a two-year program.

Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship, students are awarded a Certificate of Occupational Proficiency from the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.

Graduates may be eligible to receive advanced standing and/or transcripted credit at a local technical college or credit toward the admission requirements for the University of Wisconsin system (in selected programs).

Wisconsin's Youth Apprenticeships are a great way for career motivated students to experience the real world of a chosen career field. 

“Success in the New Economy” helps audiences understand how to ultimately secure a competitive advantage in the new economy. Students must simultaneously receive applied technical skills, industry-recognized certifications, and employability preparation combined with a rigorous general education. Video Produced and narrated by Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D.,

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