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The Finance YA Program is designed to provide students with a working understanding of core employability and financial services skills, as well as occupationally specific skills in the three occupational pathways in the finance and insurance industry.


Business Financial Management Pathway

Accounting Services Basic Unit  *  Accounting Services Advanced Unit

Banking & Related Services Pathway
Banking Basic Unit  *  Banking Advanced Unit

Insurance Pathway
Insurance Services Unit


Check with Ozaukee YA Main Office for pathway unit On the Job Learning guides and employer availability


This program provides the framework for educators and industry to work together to produce work-ready, entry-level employees who will compete favorably in a global market and provide for post-secondary educational advancement integrating work-based learning in the school and worksite.


Click on a logo above to learn about that employer.  This is not an exhaustive list of OYA employers.

An employer's inclusion above does not guarantee they hire a Youth Apprentice every school year.

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